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CALB's CA48V10Ah telecommunication module is ideal for use as an integrated part of your telecommunication power system or as backup power support.

This module was designed to meet the operational specifications of the telecommunications industry. It can be mounted in many ways and used as a stand along module or in a series.

Able to self-balance, this cell also provides the user with status communication lights on its case and can communicate with the BMS system through RS232, and RS485. 

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This is the second product in CALB's telecommunications module series. Utilizing CALB Lithium-ion battery technology to increase storage capabilities, this module is can operate in varied temperatures, humidity levels, and altitudes without issue.

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Designed with an integrated balancing function, LED status updates, and to meet all telecommunication industry standards, this module is ideal for use in a backup system. The CA48V30Ah can be used in series or alone for any storage application where its specifications are satisfactory.

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The CA48V40Ah module has data storage capabilities and an option LED display. Having satisfied all of the necessary safety regulations to qualify for telecommunications usage, this module is also ideal for other back up systems where its specifications are compatible.

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Designed to protect against over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and short circuiting, this module will safely operate in many conditions to suit the needs of the user.