CALB EV Module for Electric Car Applications

CALB EV Module

EV Passenger Vehicle: 
     Professional Battery System: Designed to meet the customer's
          project requirements.
     BMS of high accuracy for real-time detection and protection.
     Thermal management system to increase module life-span.
     Balancing system to automatically adjust batteries for battery
     Qualified for many safety certifications with "high safety".

66Ah EV Module Specifications

CALB EV Module for Bus Applications


The EV Bus Module was built with CALB's advanced Lithium-ion technology and provides users with superior charge and discharge capabilities for many years of usability. 

CALB - EV Modules for Industry Vehicles

In additional to modules designed for personal vehicles, CALB also produces modules designed for use in passenger buses, light trucks, tractors, rail car, and recreational vehicles.

For additional information about our extensive EV capabilities please visit our international website at to see examples of our EV modules.

CALB - Bus and Tractor Applications