CALB CA100 cells offer users a nominal capacity of 100Ah at 0.3C 

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June 9th, 2015
CALB's 2.5kWh Hybrid Household Energy Storage System is ideal for both residential and commercial use. Our hybrid technology makes this product ideal for use in a personal micro-grid because it is capable of storing energy directly from photovoltaic and existing energy grid sources.

Being able to store energy at your home for use when your main energy grid is not operating can guarantee a significant savings in your home. Storms can knock down power lines and heat wave can put us all on a forced electricity ration, but, by having your own backup energy storage system you would be capable of bypassing the loss of electricity thus potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year in replacing perishable goods.

CALB's energy storage systems are also ideal for individuals who wish to power a small building through an off-grid system. This HESS is capable of directly taking your photovoltaic energy and converting it for use in your household without the need of an separate inverter.

Our 2.5kWh system utilizes our Lithium-ion technology that can be found in all of our products. Weighing in at 128lbs, the system is packed with energy storage and will last your residence many years. CALB also has a 5wKh size HESS system available, please check our module section for additional information.

CALB HESS 2.5kWh Specification Chart