The importance of energy storage:
It is a fantastic thing to harvest energy from the earth in a sustainable way. Creating electricity through renewable means like wind, solar, or water will help us power the future. Building new industries, technology, jobs, and helping to extend the life of our Earth.

However, these renewable energy sources are not without their flaws. What happens when the energy sources are not constant? How do we manage the high points of renewable energy collection to maintain energy throughout the low points.

Solar energy is best created during daylight when the sun is in an ideal location to interact with the solar collection panels. Similarly the amount of power being generated through wind technology is the direct result of wind being present and a lack of wind means a lack of energy generation.

How to manage renewable energy:
To overcome those obstacles there must be an energy storage system in place. Energy storage systems allow grid operators to manage their energy. On a large scale this means pulling energy from multiple sources to meet demands and on a small scale it means storing energy from a home PV system in a backup power supply.

Energy storage is made possible through the use of batteries. Batteries are able to properly store the energy created through renewable means to be used when needed. This creates a more efficient means of energy collection.

CALB USA Inc. sells the highest quality cells that can be used in small and large scale battery backup systems for all kinds of energy storage. CALB is also able to work with their customers to create a Battery Management System that will best suit a customers' energy storage needs.

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